jeudi 26 février 2009

How to start giving a good presentation ...

I used to hear some friends saying that they can not give a presentation (one even said that they day he will try, people will be snoring ;-D).

Nobody is born 'good speaker'; even if you may have some aptitudes you need to PRACTICE.

Here are some tips to help you in your journey to become a good speaker.

- Start being passionate by people who give good presntations, and think to become as good as them one day. The more you will start being interrested, the more you will read about it , meet people with the same passion.

- Watch a good movie (included animation movie, i personnaly love this type of movie because of many voices you can hear) more than once, not only for the story, but also to SEE how people talk, the gestures they use, their voices,etc. You can pratice with any movie you like. The idea is to imitate people talking as good as you want.

- Learn some small speeches (or sentences) and repeat them from time to time (I used to repeat Lincoln's speech, 'the Gettysburg address').

- When you attend conferences or presentations, pay attention to HOW the speaker is behaving and try it later at home (you can do it alone in the bathroom, the place doesn't matter, but don't forget to take your bath hihihi).

- Start giving presentations every time you can, don't think you will be perfect, you may be good. Think after of what you didn't do well and why it happened like that so that next time you can do better.

- KEEP in MIND that it may be a long term process and that you'll always find a small tip by watching others.

By the way did i mention that you need to dream of being a good speaker ? This is the starting point... ;-)

I just mentionned here some basics steps to guide you; I'll mention later some things that make the audience feel "NOT HAPPY" when you speak.

I need to go now because i have to practice in the bathroom :-D.

mercredi 25 février 2009

If I know drupal ?

I was asked yesterday if i knew drupal ?

One year back, i'll have answered "yes, but i prefer other cms (especially joomla)".
Today i'll say of course i know Drupal.

I didn't find it enough intuitive some months ego (and i am not the only one) but i have to admit that once you understand how it works, you will enjoy it.

I will start posting some tips, new things about drupal every time i can ;-) (why are you smiling , don't smile i am serious :-)).

By the way , Drupal just released 2 versions 6.10 and 5.16, why don't you just try it ?

vendredi 20 février 2009

Sun Tech Days Hyderabad 2009

Sun Tech Days : Wednesday 18th to Friday 20th of February 2009.
Day 1: Wednesday 18th

Welcome speech

- Amazing Kid of 11 years old playing many drums at the same time
- 3 Demos Desktop Virtualization + Shark JavaFX + Java TV - Sun box-)
- Sun India CEO speech
- James Gosling talking about the evolution of Java (java is used every where)

[NetBeans 6.5 what's new ?] Angela Caiceda

- Internal File versionning control
- Refactor preview
- Fix import
- Help used to find some menu used
- Database management
- Code completion formating
- Code
- Import from eclipse project

[Glasfish & the future of Java EE] Arun Gupta

- Application server
- Open source version
- Commercial version (Monitoring tools)
- Sun Communication server (demo of 2 phones calling each other)
- Project deployement
- Clustes management
- Version 2 coming with Netbeans 6.5

[Netbeans with Php development - HOL] Justin Bolter

- Debug step by step as a client side language
- code completion
- code template
- Objects view,etc.
- Drag and drop html elements

Day 2 : Thursday 19th

[New way of working with Swing] Lee Chuck

- "Bind"
- Splash screen
- Nimbus for the design aspect (you don't have to know how Swing works)
- Display on different screen (class Graphics to help you identify the device)
- User experience (
java icon,
Field getting focus onload of the application,
pressing enter to validate as form,
build an application with a tray icon,
undecorated window to display any kind of window (a cat walking on the screen),

[UML Modelling with Netbeans] Ashwin Rao

- Design Pattern
- For more efficiency, some elements have been removed (unused UML diagrams)
- Synchronous manual (Code generated and diagrams generated)

[Get involved in Open source projects]

[Restful HOL -Hands On Lab-]
- Glassfish (application server basically but can do more than that)
- Webservice

[Java Mobile]
- JavaFX :with his magick bind method. The bind method basically allows you to change the value of one variable dynamically. Ex: if i bind x to y and if y is changing (on drag of an image for example) i don't need to worry about coding to update x.
- More classes to make the programming easier

[Mobile and Embedded Java Update]
- Magic pen piano (a demo where the piano keys were drwan on a paper and with a pen the person was able to play the notes awesome).
- Java Sun Spot (used for robots, chip)
- Golf swing measurement (using the Java sunspot)
- Java Phone (LWUIK)

[Personnal impression]

{Pros - things to remember}
- demo must show new interresting things
- the way people were presenting
- HOL are available for people after the event (because it is quite impossible to finish them and ask questions if you are new to the technology)
- You can ask questions on the author blog
- Importance of local teams in open source project (the maintain the group when you are gone :-))
- The place and decoration is better than the website of the event :-)

- Marketing of "NetBeans"
- JavaFX is for animation but the environment is not yet as easy for designers (compare to Flash); its more for java developpers who want to do animation.
- Eclipse has already many of the "new features" (many plugins) . So you can choose Net Beans or whatever tool you want but don't become slave of the tool or ... ;-D
- You can't ask questions in the room (i guess because of the busy schedule and so many people willing to ask more and more questions ...).

I was a cool event anyway, new environnement, new people especially for a guy like me who is not java java :-D.


mardi 10 février 2009

Bazaar : un outil de gestion de version de fichier

Je suis tombé amoureux d'un outil depuis quelques mois, et oui :-).

Qu'est ce que c'est ?
Bazaar, est un système de contrôle de version. En d'autres termes il te permet de d'aller d'une version A10 a une version A20 (et tu peux retourner a la version A5 dans la même journée :-)).

En quoi peut-il m'aider ?
- A maintenir ton fichier (un fichier de code ou non); aller d'une version a une autre;
- A gagner en temps : lorsqu'une version du fichier contient des erreurs tu peux:
+ retourner a une version 'propre', ou
+ comparer la version propre et la version erronnée (ces cas sont tres utiles pour les instants magiques de debogage :)).

Particularités ...
- Multiplateforme
- Facile a comprendre (il m'a été plus facile de travailler avec Bazaar que ses cousins CVS et SVN). Je le conseille pour les débutants dans le domaine des outils de SCV.
- On peut l'utiliser sur une seule machine (on n'a pas besoin d'avoir un serveur)

Et il a un joli logo :)

References :

- (site officiel pour les téléchargements, la documentation en anglais,etc.)


A suivre (d'autres articles plus techniques et plus détaillés)...

lundi 9 février 2009

[Getting Real]

Un document écrit par la société 37Signals. C'est un guide pour ceux qui voudraient concevoir des logiciels “simple et propre” (expression personnelle pour désigner quelque chose de presque parfaite :-)).

Je détaillerai dans de futures articles certains aspects abordés dans le livre. Mais j'aimerais mentionner que ce guide fait partie des références à consulter pour ceux qui voudraient faire leur petit bout de chemin dans le monde de l'environnement web.

Quelques chiffres :
- Le guide a fait référence a au moins 26 grands auteurs.
- La version anglaise (pdf) du guide fait 177 pages et comporte 14 chapitres.
- La societe 37signals a 5 produits commerciaux et est l'auteur du fameux framework “ROR – Ruby On Rails” .

Le livre a été traduit en d'autres langues et la version française, gratuitement consutable en ligne, se trouve a l'adresse