mardi 1 février 2011

About the API of Drupal 6

I started a project "GECET" with the aim to get it done by using the API of DRUPAL 6. The project is still going on because recently I have been asked to add some new features.

About the project :
The NGO Chaine de l'Espoir TOGO wants to have a better local managing system for children they are in charge of. They want to keep biography details about the children. There is a need to know how much is spent on children for their health the whole year. They have to better master the different 'packs' (food, clothes, etc.) the children receive.

Briefly :
- 95 tables
- Drupal 6.15
- Custom theme based on whitejazz

Main Contributed Modules used :
- Views
- Filefield
- Backup_Migrate
- Backup_files
- Local
- Path
- PhpFilter
- Taxonomy
- Date
- Administration Menu
- (Devel) not in production instance

New modules coded (17)
- Search module
- Medical information management, School fees management, Statistiques 'Special features' not well done with drupal contributed modules
- Budget management
- Custom Javascript effects (dynamic fields adding)

What can I say about using the API of Drupal and contributed modules for building a web application ?

= Pros ...
- Drupal Form_API made things very easy for the developper
- You can through the administration UI add some cool fun feature (an edit or delete link on a view for example) the user by your side :-)
- The hook system is really awesome

= Cons ...
- It's not easy for a beginner to get his hands quickly dirty but with a good teacher it's possible
- Trying to use CCK to create some content types cost a lot because useless tables/data are kept

More details will published from time to time

Some screenshots...