jeudi 5 mars 2009

Twitter updates on Drupal

I integrated Twitter in Drupal today !!

Nothing special maybe but it was funny how easy it was. You can also do it in 15min.

All you need is to
- go to this page (you'll need a twitter account even if the updates will be for another account).
- follow the instructions :
+ choose the flash or html widget,
+ choose the number
+ choose the title of the posts' area

- copy the code generated and put it in the content of your block or wherever you want to display it.


-- Hot tip! To ensure loading of your page even in the case of non-loading, move the two lines that start with < type="text/javascript"> to the bottom of your page (just
above the closing 'body' tag )

-- Use the "full html" for your block content in case you are using one to display the updates.

And that's it :-)

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