mercredi 22 avril 2009

Drupal: Integrate Feedly shared links

I am pretty sure you have heared about Feedly (, a firefox plugin, a feed reader integrated with Google Reader (all your feeds can be read in feedly and what you share in feedly is accessible in Google Reader) .

Now my dilemma was to get "feedly shared links in my drupal instance". ?????????

I first as usual went to the headquarter ( :)) but nobody seemed interested by feedly right now. Then I changed my search; if I can get the Google Reader feeds that are shared then all shared links from feedly will be in the list (I can't imagine a better day ;-)).

So I went back to the HQ and I found 2 modules (don't ask me how :))
  • Activitystream: (thanks to akalsey )
  • Activitystream_greadershared: (thanks to eojthebrave)
The first module is an API for "streams" created in other platforms (delicious, facebook, etc.)
The second, that is a patch/module, gets shared feeds from Google Reader.

How to use them ...

1- Download and install (enable) both modules
2- Get your Google Reader user Id ( in your google reader, click on the “Shared items” and then “Show details”). The user id is displayed in this format Feed URL:
3- Go to "My account" in your drupal instance
4- Paste your Google reader user Id in the “User ID Number: “ field

And you can start going home ;-)