lundi 13 avril 2009

How to add Google analytics to your blogspot blog ?

I finally figure out how to get and see statistics of my blogger blog (when I think I almost shifted because of that hehehe)...

Anyway I was searching and found some tips but they were not working. The main cool tool often mention is Google Analytics BUT it wasn't working for me because for security purpose "the code of google analytics" was parsed (the javascript code).

So before start yelling :) I thought of paying a visit to blogger's gagdets and I realised that this was in fact THE INSPIRATION :).

So now that it is working I'll show you the way, follow me ...

1- Create an account on Google Analytics (I won't show you how to do it, at least not today:) )
2- Copy the javascript code to your blog address
3- In your blogger administration panel go to "Layout" > "Page elements"
4- And in your footer choose "add a gadget" (you may need this
5- Choose an "HTML/javascript code block" and paste the google analytics code in the block content.

And you are done. From now on you can view cool statistics for your :)

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Foot In Mouth a dit…

Woot! Thanks, I've actually been looking for how to get those stats for a while!